Preparing for College Life

view over Western, photo taken by me

It's crazy to think that I started my online presence when I wasn't even in middle school yet. At the time, I wanted to be a journalist or a creative writer. While I still love good journalism and try to write when I can, I can safely say my interests have shifted more towards botany and environmental science now that I've had time to try a bunch of different subjects throughout middle and high school.

In a few months, I'll start my next chapter as a Western Washington University Viking! Their Huxley School of Environmental Science is well-renowned, and I hope to do a lot of awesome work there, as well as in their theatre department. I've been busy since April preparing, planning, and (most importantly, according to me) dreaming about my first quarter in "stay-away-college". College level work isn't something foreign to me, since I did a program last year where I took my academics at a community college, but I know that is little like the living in a dorm and being united with a class of people that I'm heading into faster than I could imagine. I've done my best to organize my thoughts...


I finally got a housing assignment this week!! I'm so excited to know where I'll live. I have a roommate, who I met on the admitted student Facebook and get along with really well, and two suitemates who we share a bathroom with. At first, I thought I would be okay with hall-style bathrooms, but the more I think about it, the more grateful I am for a suite. Sure, less of that "bump into people in the hall" vibe, but if I don't have to run when I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, that's probably for the better.

My roommate and I have a Pinterest board where we're collecting thoughts about how we're going to organize and collaborate on the room. As an only child, I'm nervous to live with someone for so long like this, but I know it'll be great and that I'll learn a lot about adulthood and adult-ing. Also, yes, I'm bringing the rice cooker.


from last quarter, starting some enviro. notes

I'm signed up to take Geology, Chemistry, and a Seminar class related to the two. I'll be signing up for one more class at orientation, and I'm thinking of an English or theatre class. I want to take a literature class if I take English, since I passed by AP Literature in high school to take college-level composition. I'm not sure what kind of literature, but I'm thinking of something focused on a culture or time period that's not American literature if I can help it. I'm kind of sick of American literature, to be honest, after middle and high school. If I take a theatre class, I would like to focus on Shakespeare or the Greeks, as those are my favorite plays to read and perform. Long-term I want to try more acting and some dramaturgy.


I'm trying to stock up on some life skills over the summer like cooking, cleaning bathrooms, and using washing machines that aren't mine. I've gotten pretty good at public transit from year three of knowing how to drive a car but not having a license yet. As for cooking, there's been a lot of vegetable-roasting, pasta-boiling, sauce-making, and my really, really failed attempt at trying to cook chorizo from a plastic tube, which is currently sitting in a salty, solid block of je ne sais pas in the fridge.

I'm also learning how to sew more. Considering that I don't have a sewing machine, that's pretty sad, but I've finished a pair of pants for my Faire costume, and I'm almost done with a pair of shorts, since I don't have more than two pairs but certainly had fabric laying around. I'm hoping to learn to quilt this year and work on a quilt to finish by the end of freshman year. We'll see...

the only picture of myself I have from visiting Western for a theatre festival in March

I go to orientation in a few weeks, and I'm counting down the days until I move in! I signed up to move in a little earlier and help others move in afterward, and I'm looking for an opportunity to go up to Bellingham and explore a little more. I'm sure you'll all be hearing about my adventures ahead.