PAX Prep 2018

Whoops, so Blaugust super duper didn't work out.  That's okay, though! I did get what I wanted out of it and I have so much figured out. It's going to be a really exciting few months...let's just say I'm building another couple websites... However, I can now write about literally whatever here! That's always a plus.

I went to orientation last week and got all signed up for classes. I started to figure out what I could and couldn't take, and looks like I'll be able to squeeze in my big old computer right under my desk in my dorm, so that's something I'm looking forward to next school year. It was around trying to figure out how I'd transport the old thing that I realized... PAX is this week.

I probably sat paralyzed in overwhelming to-dos for about ten minutes, but I got my butt up and planning. The above picture is my entry in my Bullet Journal for PAX West. My Bullet Journal is a Leuchtturm1917 notebook which I use to lay out my busiest weeks or trips in an artistic, calming way that instills even temporary tranquility with too much to do in too little time. I have added a spending tracker to see if I can get a solid number on what kind of money I should be saving up for PAX spending next year. I have enough money to not be too worried right now, but we all know I'll be living up that broke college student life next summer, especially if I'm not careful or just plain screw up this year.

I tend to leave fill-ins on my spreads to comment on later, since my Bullet Journal kind of serves as a sort of memory book for me as well. I keep tickets stubs in there like some strange millennial scrapbooking grandma. I'm going to set up the next page to be filled with stickers and business cards that I receive from my poking around at the con.

My backpack setup has to be heavier this year because of how far I'll be traveling out. Unless I want to spend more money on food, I'll have to carry a great deal of food with me to cover both lunch and dinner, and maybe even breakfast on Friday. (I'm planning on showing up super early to get into PAX as soon as the doors open... note to self: bring a book this year...)

In my backpack will be a giant Bag of Holding, pictured above carrying all of the purses and satchels and mini-backpacks I own. I'll fold that up and start filling it with things as soon as they start rolling in. I might opt to bring a smaller tote on Friday and Saturday when I don't expect to be buying things, but we'll see based on how much space that bag takes up in my backpack.

As for the backpack itself, I have to pack lightly due to how long my days are going to be. Transit is two hours at worst each way and I'll have to pay for Ubers on most nights to get home once I hit downtown Tacoma. Water, electrolyte tablets, keys/wallet, and phone chargers are going to have to sustain me. Headphones will go around my neck (they also fold up) and I'm bringing a little notebook in my pocket. Some things haven't changed - I've been carrying a notebook since I was seven.

PAX is creeping up quickly and I normally start prepping earlier than this, but I'm sure it'll even out. All I can do is hope that nothing's changed too much and that I still know  my lay of the land well enough to not die by the time I'm in line for Acq. Inc, or only spend a fraction of my life savings on Cookie Brigade (sriracha peanut butter cookies are BACK!). What could go wrong, right? Right?

If I'll see you there, give me a shout!