In Which I Try Blaugust...Again...

A photo I took of the smoky conditions out in Ashland, Oregon over the weekend
Iiiiiiiiiiit's August! And you know what that means. Yup! I get to say that I'll write every day for a month and chicken out 12-17 days in. I'm amazed and inspired by Belghast's achievements with the Blaugust challenge, and I one day want to fall back into nearly daily writing as I used to with my blogging endeavors. I've decided not to sign up officially due to how much I have going on this month, and since I don't write about exclusively gaming anymore...I'm not sure how I'll deal with the pressure.

To be honest, it's been a long time since I've been in a blogging rhythm. I think back to when I wrote solely about Pirate101, and how much easier things were. I wrote a buzzword-y article, had a solid and growing base of readers, a fan-fiction platform that still has fans today despite years of no updates...but I sought out Soultamer Gaming, and then sought out this place, which still lacks a formal name*. Until I get that name, I'm going slow on the promotion. I want to see if I can actually make this website into something again.

In order to test that dream, I'll need to get writing. To make it a little easier on me, I'm going to write myself some prompts that I know I'll want to write around the times that I write them. I've always wanted to write about podcasts, and I know I'll be brimming with thoughts on things like college and gaming around orientation in a few weeks and PAX at the end of the month. Without further ado, here's a picture I spent a minute and a half dragging a random brush from GIMP over.

Today - Meta, just talk about Blaugust... 
2 - Renaissance Faire
3 - College 
4 - Theatre 
5 - Podcasts 
6 - Renaissance Faire 
7 - Cooking 
8 - Travel 
9 - Renaissance Faire 
10 - gone at Ren Faire
11 - gone at Ren Faire
12 - gone at Ren Faire
13 - Renaissance Faire + catchup
14 - Podcasts
15 - Self-Indulgent Post About Blogging or Something
16 - Queer/LGBT 
17 - D&D 
18 - Theatre
19 - College 
20 - Gaming 
21 - Life Aspirations 
22 - gone at orientation
23 - gone at orientation
24 - College + catchup
25 - Gaming/PAX
26 - Queer/LGBT 
27 - D&D
28 - Reading 
29 - Podcasts
30 - Gaming/PAX
31 - PAX

*That's something I've been struggling with. Considering that I'm opening up my scope to so many topics, I don't know of a name or a phrase that could encompass what I want to put out with this website. I worry that I'm widening my scope too much and won't get the same kind of attention I did back when I wrote about KingsIsle games...but that's not really what I want anymore. That's not what makes me happy. So for now, the name of the site will remain my own name while I bounce around some ideas. I'm thinking of either a small Shakespeare reference or a D&D reference. I suppose I'll write more about this in the self-indulgent post.