More Like Hello Again

Well, here goes nothing...

Hello, or hello again. I've actually been blogging for nearly seven years, but after all that time spent writing about MMORPGs and indie games, I think it's time I opened my scope up a little bit.

Since all those reading this will be old readers from Soultamer Gaming, then perhaps I don't need to write much about myself here, but I suppose I'll get the formalities overwith:

I'm Sonja, and I'm 18 years old. I graduated from high school on Monday and will be attending Western Washington University in the fall. This blog will be a journal of sorts, documenting how I interact with my world as I grow into a new chapter of my life. I'll still be writing about gaming (I still play lots of GW2, and I want to write more about D&D!), but I also want to chat about podcasts, politics, LGBT stuff... Hell, even some of my studies. I hope I can start to network with other bloggers as well, since that's something I very much enjoyed when I wrote about games.

Basically, I want an internet page on which I can scream out my thoughts, and so I've made it.

I'm going to ease into posting, but I'm hoping to participate in Blaugust coming up and get regular by the time school starts up again. Let's see how that goes. Still working on and off on design, I'm hoping to get a rotating banner (I had one a few years ago!) with slices of photos I've taken. The one currently in is from Pike Place Market.

Bye for now!